Thursday, December 31, 2015

The Adventure Begins

Hello friends and family, it has been a long time! We had a wonderful year and a half in Monterey California. The Hubs earned his Graduate degree and I have nearly finished my Bachelors degree (I have two classes left and will graduate in May, WOOT WOOT!). The kids enjoyed the beach and made many new friends.

So you must be wondering why I am suddenly resurrecting the blog…Well, we are at it again, as of December 25th 2015 our family is once again residing in Africa! We are living in Monrovia Liberia. 

Why did I arrive in my new home on Christmas Day? I can tell you that moving to an African country on Christmas was not my intention. Check back over the next few days and I'll explain the shenanigans that led to me dragging three kids, nine bags, two very special blankets and one Picachu through six airports and three continents over the course of four days!!!!

I have discovered that many people have no idea where Liberia is, so I am including a map. We are literally living on the opposite side of the continent from Ethiopia. We are excited for this new adventure and we hope that you will enjoy coming along for the ride!